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Spring=So many ways to connect to our divine essence together!

Return home to your divinity

Hello sweet friends,


Spending so much time returning home, to my own divinity, through personal practice and practice with all of you, has tuned me in.


What this DOES mean is that I feel when my balance of lila (play), karma (work), and sukha (sweetness) has gotten a bit out of whack. I can perceive changes in my prana (energy) levels... and through this enhanced ability to perceive my experience, I have been able to let go of perfectionism that leads me toward self-judgment, and diminished self-worth. Instead I rest back in the resonant quality of my essence, my divinity that is inextricably interconnected with the divinity of all beings. The mantra of my home, my divine essence, is "All is well. All is as it should be". Therefore, I feel worthy, cherished, and loved, NO MATTER WHAT.


What this DOES mean is that I have become one of those people that has started seeing the interconnected nature of my sankalpa (divine intention) and the opportunities that present themselves. I am clear in my intentions, and therefore I receive opportunities at what seems breakneck speed, and I feel delight and gratitude for this enhanced alchemy between my divine self and the divine source of all beings.


What this DOES NOT mean is that I am done learning. That I am done making mistakes and being a human. That I no longer need to participate in the sacred practices that bring me back to my divinity. The world is wild, blustery, full of challenges, competing messages, and differing value systems. I will always need to delve in through pranayama (breathwork), sadhana (devotional practice), mantra (repetetive chanting), asana (physical yoga practice), connecting to nature, all these things that I already practice, AND I will need to remain humble and open to new practices as I age and the dynamics of my life continue shifting.


So with a tremendously grateful heart, I continue on my path, increasing my yoga offerings, sharing the knowledge and tools that have reunited me with my divinity. Thank you for sharing your divine essence with me. I am in awe of your beauty and resilience.




Simple Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse 4 week series: Please join me for a dive into the healing benefits of implementing simple habits from Ayurveda into your life to increase overall wellbeing and increase your agni (digestive fire) and ojas (the juice of life!) and decreasing your ama (sludgy toxins). We'll also explore our individual elemental makeups, which leads to further celebration of the completely unique divine being that is you! This is a 4 week series that includes recipes, group support, study materials, and more! See the full description and more details about registration in the sections below.


Abs and Ass-ana drop in classes, Mondays and Tuesdays at Crescent Moon Wellness: There's a new modality in town! Abs and Ass-ana is a strength based slow yoga flow practice that targets particularly the major muscle groups including posterior chain muscles, deep core muscles, thighs, chest. All postures are taught with specific yoga based alignment and are inspired by barre, pilates, and functional movement training. Classes are philosophically themed and designed to increase strength and stability of mind, body, and spirit. Full class description and registration details can be found below.

Stay tuned, I'm divinely inspired to continue expanding my connections to other beautiful practitioners in the area, offering new ways to return to our divinity through beautiful collaborations. COMING SOON!



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