Family Friendly Donation Based Yoga + Barre Instruction

I'm looking to tear down common barriers to self care. This is why my passion project is to offer donation based classes that you can bring your children and anyone else that you call family to, that engage, strengthen and sharpen mind body and spirit. Join us in studio or from your home with a live stream class. None of us should have to choose between bills and caregiving/parenting or health and wellness! Children that come to class can move with us, engage with a craft (with provided materials if in studio), or they are welcome to use a device with headphones while they steep in the example of you taking excellent care of yourself. It’s a win win win! 

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Making that self care life accessible to all that seek it.

I come from a background of addiction and trauma. I began my healing journey in 2008, the same year that I took my first yoga class. I was immediately hooked to this potent experience of controlling my breath and moving body to heal mind and spirit, and my path was forever altered.


Since that day, I have been in an endless pursuit of knowledge and experiences that serve my selfcare needs. From this pursuit, has blossomed the ability to serve others that seek to invest time in their self care.  I became a yoga instructor in 2014, and a barre instructor in 2015, and I have taught at many studios and for many organizations and individuals, with gratitude. However, one of the parts of offering self care practices in this society, practices that I believe we all have an inalienable right to, really bothers me. There currently exist real physical barriers to attending yoga and fitness classes that affect some demographic groups more than others. Namely financial barriers and familial barriers. I personally experienced both of these, having a long history of poverty in my background, and being a mother of two. In fact, if it had not been for the kindness of relatives that assisted me with childcare, and some serious bartering of cleaning services and photography services in exchange for classes and trainings, I never would have had the opportunity to take classes on a regular basis, or become a teacher. 


Therefore, I am beyond pleased to invite one and all to practice donation based offerings, both in studio and online, that cater to every budget, and that welcome children and families. My hope is that these offerings will help us foster connections to community and family, give us the opportunity to tone and strengthen our bodies, spread warmth in our hearts, and cultivate freedom in our minds.


Thank you for your kind support of this mission, and with an overflowing cup, I look forward to a future of breathing, moving, and laughing with you all.





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